Exclusive! Bukannya Warak, Rupa-Rupanya Haprak: Tipuan Duniawi Azmin Ali

Dalam post penutupan 3 siri yang dikirimkan oleh bekas kekasih Menteri Besar Selangor Azmin Ali, beliau meingatkan orang umum supaya tidak lekas mempercayai kata-kata mereka yang kononnya “wakil agama”. Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Qurnisha Hamka yang telah bekerja keras untuk mengemukakan penipuan besar Azmin Ali yang telah lama disembunyikan daripada rakyat.

In 2014 and a few months after Azmin became the Menteri Besar of Selangor, he pledged to make Petaling Jaya the cleanest district in Selangor.


Going the extra mile, he even gave us, the residents, his phone number and to text him if we ever see uncollected rubbish.


The exact statement was:


“If you see any uncollected rubbish, you can text me. This is my number: 012-2052020,”


But what he did not know then, was that the biggest trash in Selangor was himself, Mohamed Azmin Bin Ali.


So can someone tell me how do I text Azmin at his number above, that the most despicable trash in Selangor is he, himself?


The things that I have written in the past two submissions are not fitnah. I got them from the horse’s mouth itself which is Kak Sham his wife. What I can conclude from my conversations with her and the things that she sent me is that Azmin is an incredibly good liar. It is already horrible that he lies to his party, but it is even more terrible when he lies to the rakyat, the people that support him with a mandate to rule with honesty and integrity.


Azmin’s strategy has always been about the game of power and control, with Azmin himself as the biggest con man. He has managed with huge success, to brainwash and control the people of Selangor into believing that he is the right man for the job.


His best weapon?




You see, Azmin is not particularly informed about religion. Just by a quick search on Google, you can all see his transformation: From a whimsical Muslim at the start of Reformasi, to a staunch Muslim quoting phrases from the Quran and Hadiths that he probably has no idea about.


His “tokoh Islam” image is deeply rooted in his personal ambitions, which is up to you and me to figure out. Azmin very cunningly, knows how to keep his lies simple. He keeps saying them, and eventually people will believe it.


What I want people to know is that Azmin Ali is not what you think he is. His image is clean, religious, the “family man”, devoted husband and doting father to many children. Behind that thick veil of lies, Azmin is the man that your mother warned you about.


I am not saying that he “gila sex”, but I am also not saying that one woman is enough for him.


I guess he won the genetic lottery. Even at his age and his busy work schedule, he is looks pretty good. Definitely very easy for him to find any woman, married or otherwise, to join him for some fun under the intense Malaysian sun.


Religion in general, is meant to teach us the true spiritual human character. It is meant for self-transformation, transforming anxiety to peace, arrogance into humility, and envy into compassion.


Man however, has always used religion as a political tool. To control and ingrain into the less educated to submission. Azmin knows that he is influential and powerful. As Islam in Malaysia gets fundamentalist in nature, portraying himself as a devoted and religious person to Muslims in Malaysia allows him to win political points.


But what he doesn’t know that his fakeness and deception is a big fitnah, while his place in hellfire has already been reserved for him.


But my biggest regret with him is not that I was the other woman. It is something else.


I was pregnant with his child, a little girl with a beating heart only to have her been whisked away into oblivion by a suction in a cold, sterile clinic in Wangsa Maju.


I will forever hold it against him. He didn’t want, what he called “beban seumur hidup” and forced me to “get rid of it”. He paid, willingly. I didn’t have a choice – we made too many videos with each other and I was afraid he will spread it online.


Reluctantly I said okay.


Because I am a reporter, not an accidental pornstar.

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  1. first artikel puji TSKI dan kamu kerja BNBBC dan ada hati terpikat pada khalid tapi dah bersuami – kemudian bermula posting kamu QH menghentam AA – tidakkah itu janggal? apa yg cuba kamu capai? – pelik manusia akhir zaman…

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