Exclusive! Asalkan Bukan Shamsidar: 7 Wanita Gelap Azmin Ali [foto-foto termasuk]

Dalam siri kedua dalam tiga, Qurnisha Hamka menjelaskan bahawa terdapat lebih ramai wanita yang digoda oleh Menteri Besar Selangor Azmin Ali…


In my previous post, I explained how I met Azmin Ali, and the things that we sent to each other. Emails, WA conversations and often BBM, the medium that we used to communicate often changed – depending on how secure he felt at that point of time because he always felt as if there were people watching him.


Makes sense, he is Selangor’s Menteri Besar afterall and importantly, an opposition one.


My previous post ended with me calling his wife, Shamsidar Taharin (Kak Sham). I don’t really know what to feel about it. There was something in the way she talked to me that expressed pain and anguish, over the things that she discovered about her “big shot” husband, which should have made her a divorcee by now. But she clung on to the marriage, the deceit and the verbal abuse from Azmin for their children.
I think she is silly, he isn’t that big after all.


On the phone, she was calm, poised and exuded the confidence expected from the wife of a Menteri Besar. We talked – through the night from dusk till dawn, with me explaining vivid details of my relationship with her husband. Strangely, she said “You are not the only one. I was waiting for someone to call.” I pressed her, for what she meant by that. How can a busy man be so free to meet so many women? I told Kak Sham, “Kak, but he is so busy. There cannot be other, right?”


Kak Sham did not hesitate, which I felt was something she has always wanted to let out. “I will send you everything.”


I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to know more about Azmin’s other women, but Kak Sham sent me the things that she had about Azmin to me anyway. By email, she sent me details of all the other women that she caught him talking to. Even the secret codes that Azmin Ali uses to ask for sex such as “milo” (which I will not be buying anymore from Jusco).


Sadness turned to anger. Some of these women were married and had kids. Azmin Ali, the religious man that we all thought he was from social media, was fooling around with someone’s wife? He dipped his snake in someone else’s cave?


According to Kak Sham herself, she found out that Azmin Ali was having an affair with a married mother of 2, Aida Yusoff, when Azmin Ali went for Umrah in 2014. I asked her for more details about this affair with Aida Yusoff, which she said she found from his BBM conversations (Kak Sham figured out his BBM login details) with her – WHILE HE WAS IN MAKKAH.


Aida Yusof, married woman with 2 young kids who did not know “Uncle” was fooling with their mother…


In Mekah, while Kak Sham prayed for Azmin’ s success, he was busy transferring money to Aida Yusoff who apparently is always short of money. The next few photos are what Kak Sham found on Azmin’s BBM – his conversations with Aida Yusof.



a series of texts betwen Azmin (AA) and Aida Yusof (AM), talking about sex while her children are asleep. IN THE SAME HOUSE.

Can you believe this? Cheating on your spouse while in the house of Allah? In public, Azmin quotes the hadiths, begins his ceramahs with long prayers. But behind all this, he sleeps with married women while her children are still in the same house??? Despicable to the highest degree. Below are her emails to him, requesting for an explanation. Kesian nyer Kak Sham ya Allah..perit…



Shamsidar was seriously considering her marriage, and wanted a divorce. Apparently, it wasn’t a happy one with Azmin Ali calling her names such as prostitute, whore and an idiot. At first I don’t really understand why he would call her these names but she reluctantly replied that it was in reference to her affair with Anwar Ibrahim, which Azmin Ali suspected brought them Farah Afiffah. Azmin has never liked Afiffah, according to Shamsidar, because he knows that she is not his.


Out of frustration and to convince Azmin that Afiffah was his, they went to Singapore to get a paternity test in 2011. Luckily for Shamsidar, Afiffah is indeed Azmin’s.


Below is a conversation between PKR leaders discussing her parentage, the paternity test and questions regarding the family in general.



At this point of time, I felt as if I was given information that I never asked for. I only wanted to ask Shamsidar about the possibility of marriage as a second wife to Azmin, but what I got was family drama more complex than Dynasty….


There were more women. Aida Yusof wasn’t as special as she thought she were. Shamsidar sent me screenshots of the other women she found Azmin fooling around with.


Datin Sharmini – Pole dancing instructor, who could also be very adept at dancing around Azmin’s pole maybe?



Fazlyn Ismail



Marina Mohd Noor


Siti Mahirah


Syuhaida Nazari – Young and pretty, almost Azmin’s daughter’s age… I hope his three girls locked their rooms at night.



Including me, there would have been 7 other woman that Azmin feels is necessary to make his life more interesting. I’m no angel, and I know that what I did behind Kak Sham back was wrong. It might sound ordinary for a woman to find out her husband’s cheating on her, but not when he is cheating on your with 7 other women.


I think, honestly, that Kak Sham has been rationalizing Azmin’s cheating, telling herself that it is normal for men, especially of her husband’s status. But then, it becomes a culture of dishonesty, churning into a vicious and downward cycle. Later and suddenly, you realize that everyone is cheating, and she would feel the need to cheat, too.


Welcome to the life of Selangor’s First Family: scandals, sex and hence doubts on the parentage of your child.



To end the second of my three posts, the thing that dipped into all these women’s cave:



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